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The Men of Club Casanova
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Performance Rider

This rider regarding the MEN OF CLUB CASANOVA engagement is herein made a part of the attached contract.

1.       In all headline situations, ARTISTS shall receive 100% headline billing.

2.       In all advertising, ARTISTS shall be billed as The Men of Club Casanova, Mo B. Dick, Scab N. Eatum, Dante DiFranco, Cody Pendant, and the lovely Miss Jonona.

3.       **IN ALL HEADLINE SITUATIONS, ARTISTS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ARRANGE FOR THEIR OWN OPENING PERFORMER. ** Please note: any other artists on the bill must be approved by ARTIST prior to confirmation of supporting act.

4.       PRESENTER will supply a first-class professional sound system and a PROFESSIONAL SOUND PERSON TO OPERATE IT. Please refer to attached Technical Rider sheet for complete requirements.

5.       PRESENTER will provide a clean, private dressing room for ARTISTS before and after performance. Dressing room shall have mirrors and, if possible, running water.

6.       PRESENTER will supply sufficient stage lighting and sound system (see attached technical rider). 

7.       ARTISTS request that stage and sound system be ready upon their arrival. Sound check shall occur prior to the opening of the house and approximately one (1) hour prior to performance time.

8.       PRESENTER will provide a secured parking space, within close proximity to venue. Arrangements for such parking, and any ticket issued during course of performance, is the responsibility of PRESENTER.

9.    PRESENTER agrees to give out no more than 2% of the house in complimentary tickets without prior written consent from AGENCY.

10.   All interviews for the news media shall have prior approval of the ARTISTS.

11.   REPRODUCTION OF PERFORMANCES: No radio apparatus or transmitting or recording device, specifically including motion pictures, video tape or television shall be used during the performance in any manner or form to reproduce the ARTISTS performance without the prior written consent of the ARTISTS or ARTISTS REPRESENTATIVE.

12.   INCIDENTAL SALES: The ARTISTS shall have the sole right to sell or cause to be sold t-shirts, photographs, etc. at a prominent location in venue. PRESENTER agrees to provide a table for such merchandise display and sale.

13.   PRESENTER agrees to contact Mo Fischer 212-714-5469 regarding any difficulties in meeting any technical requirements, or to address any other concerns.

14.   PRESENTER is responsible for basic promotion of show including listing event in local newspapers.